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Please vote on my poll! January 23, 2009

Posted by CammieO in Uncategorized.

Okay, so you guys have 1 month to vote if we don’t have a winner by then we’ll do one more month. So please vote here and for my army! Thank you!

P.S. Please go to wweadam.com

UPDATE: I added someone to the site. Her name is Amandapandacammieo09 and her website is amandadolphin.wordpress.com. She’s new here so be nice. She is also my BFF so if you diss her I will find you and make you wish you never dissed her. Ok so thanks for voting on the poll the 3 people at my school who did and 2 other random people who voted too! An I hate you to the other person who voted, who is Taunton, Massachusetts’s very own Ryan Larkin (little jerk)!



1. ryan larkin - February 1, 2009

i really dont care and im with that guy ur weird

so yeah

Cammieo: Will you cut it out Ryan? I get enough “blah blah blah, i hate your site, blah blah blah, thats not a dear thats the loch ness monster, blah blah blah” at school so *in a sweet, sarcastic voice* thanks for the comment *rolls eyes*

2. amanda - February 6, 2009

Cameron i am happy that you are coming over to sleep over!!!!!!!!!!

3. AMANDA - February 6, 2009

thanks for writing about me in YOUR FRIEND thing that we did this morning!

4. AMANDA - February 6, 2009

i think that this website is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!

Cammieo: Thanks Amanda!

5. AMANDA - February 6, 2009

whoever reads this should tell there friends about http://WWW.CAMMIEO.WORDPRESS.COM!!!!!!!!!!

Cammieo: Thanks Amanda! I think that I might quit the site if I don’t get more hits so your really helping!

6. AMANDA - February 6, 2009

Those first two things I said you don’t have to pay any attention to but I don’t think that the picture of the LOCH-NESS MONSTER (which is a deer) would be in the forest.

Cammieo: LOL, I know right?

7. AMANDA - February 6, 2009

Hi Cameron!

Cammieo: Hi Amanda!

8. amanda - February 7, 2009

you rock cammieo!

9. amandapandacammieo09 - February 7, 2009

hey cammieo you can type to me any time bye.

10. loch ness monster - February 11, 2009

cameron ur weird and “unicorns are not real ” so lay it off and ….. i hate u so lay off the unicorn thing and i’m still a higher belt so ha ha

Cammieo: Ryan next time you comment I’m gonna just delete it. I don’t really care if unicorns aren’t real. And there are 3 real unicorns in the world, Charlie and his two friends from Youtube. So there! :p You aren’t a higher belt than me either, I’m a black belt, I’m as high as it gets! So BACK OFF! Oh yeah, I almost forgot my favorite 16 words: I have a loaded lunchbox and I know how to use it, so back off, Ryan!

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