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Please vote on my poll! January 23, 2009

Posted by CammieO in Uncategorized.

Okay, so you guys have 1 month to vote if we don’t have a winner by then we’ll do one more month. So please vote here and for my army! Thank you!

P.S. Please go to wweadam.com

UPDATE: I added someone to the site. Her name is Amandapandacammieo09 and her website is amandadolphin.wordpress.com. She’s new here so be nice. She is also my BFF so if you diss her I will find you and make you wish you never dissed her. Ok so thanks for voting on the poll theĀ 3 people at my school who did and 2 other random people who voted too! An I hate you to the other person who voted, who is Taunton, Massachusetts’s very own Ryan Larkin (little jerk)!