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2OO Hits party December 7, 2008

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My penguin’s name is Cammieo. I’ll be switching places all the time so here’s a list of the places I’ll be going to:The Beach, The Dock, The Iceburg, The Dojo, The Cove, The Ski Village, The Ski Lodge, The Plaza, The Town and The Mountain. I’ll be on the server Klondike. The party date is Friday, December 12,2008 at 4:00-5:00 P.S.T (4:00-5:00 P.S.T = 7:00-8:00 E.S.T) I hope you can make it!


Ruin The Person’s Wish December 3, 2008

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Okay so I got this off of another site and it seems really fun. You have to ruin the other person’s wish and then type in your own wish so the other people can crush your wish! It’s really easy. Just look at the example below and you will see what I mean.

           Cammieo says:

I wish I had more hits on my site.

                          Cammieohater says:

You can’t get any more hits on your site because your site has been banned because you are weird.

                                  I wish I had a pony.

                                   Bloggers ‘R’ us says:

You can’t have a pony because they are extinct. The last one died yesterday.

                         I wish that you guys will like this game!!!!!!!!


                                         Sounds fun right?  Well you have to have rules. Sorry! The rules are:

#1: You can’t ruin your own wish.

#2: You can’t say something bad like ” I wish you would die ’cause u r a jerk”

#3: You have to say the person’s screen name before your message or I will not be able to put them in order.

#4: You need to use the comments or you can’t play.

#5: Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!