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Hello! Check This Out! January 31, 2008

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Hi Everybody! Go to this link for some funny sounding songs: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chipmunk+version&search=Search


More Funny Pics January 12, 2008

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(By PJ Lad)donate.pngstuckyagain.png (By Orangey Peck)sunburn-snowman.png (By Suzye730)sunburn-snowman-2.png (By Suzye730)picture-8.png The Black Puffle Warrior (By Goldenmustan)feversnowgolbe.jpg The Fever SnowGlobe (By Rosalyn)feveros.jpg (By Rosalyn)puflejump.png The Green Puffle is too tired to jump. (By Cyanflippa)wantedposterfixed.jpg (By Rosalynlinh)mega-muscles.jpg (By PJ Lad)fish-box.jpg (By PJ Lad)

Humahumanukanukaapua’a January 4, 2008

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Humahumanokanokaopaua’a everyone

Happy New Year January 1, 2008

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Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One More Funny Pic January 1, 2008

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Sorry, I forgot this pic:pooop.jpg (Uh…No Comment [Watex Update: Yes, He is now informed he spelt ’swear’ wrong, He was nervous at the time.)

Funny Pics From watex.wordpress.com January 1, 2008

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funnypic3.jpgfunnypic.jpguntitled123.jpg funnypic2.jpg watexdiesfromtoomcuhclubpenguin.jpgnature.jpg changpeek.jpgsad241f7.jpgtrain.jpg(sad241f7.jpgasdasd.jpgbeautifulhair23.pngroky.jpg tippity.jpg (tractor.jpg sigaw.jpg superrink-1.jpg opener.jpg ooohcoin.jpgprisonbreak.jpgboombox.jpgdanceclub.jpgbreakhiswindow-1.jpgtongueisstck.jpgowchies-1.jpg easysqueezy.jpgsmiley.jpglessons.jpg stucky.jpgsupersld.jpg(thistree.jpg asdasd.jpgfishnmilk.jpgrockhopperopen.jpg pickram.jpgdsfsdf354.jpg  wetpants.jpg(`saweme.jpgclappy.jpgwork.jpg digdigdig.jpgfunnypic6.jpgpsychiatrist.jpg hottea.jpgteamoreplz.jpg cookedfish.jpgsavedatrees.jpgl23.jpgpuffleattack.jpgairlines.jpg teeth.jpg creditedtobluevsredsigloo.jpgpainfuleyes.jpggreatoctopus.jpgalmostdead.jpgletsrumbe1.jpgtip-the-iceburg.pngpenguincookie.jpg324234.jpgmod-banning.pngharrypuffle.jpg (Look! Its Harry Puffle! LOL!)ladies12.jpg (These are the ladies….that ran away when I talked to them)smil3.jpg (The Club Penguin Swim Team)clubpenguinmovietheaters.png (Club Penguin Movie Theaters…I got a bad seat)thirsty4heartsluv.pngtoldya341.PNG       

africk3i.png (By PJ Lad)

black34324.pngfansnone.PNG (Thanks to Allstar 25 for the idea)cofeesho.png (Tomboy broke the Java sack!)fish343.png (Ice fishing…)fish345.png (No, seriously. One of Watex’s cheats tells you how to catch it in Ice Fishing)goldpuff.png (Fever finally finds the Golden Puffle but doesn’t know it came out in the Catalog over a week ago)horse33.pngicehokeyfowl.png (Ice Hockey… a dangerous sport!)jetpack34.png (He didn’t even have his Jet Pack on yet!)marshmallow.png (And the marshmallow was still raw…)rocks34.pngspacealien3.png (He was kidnapped by aliens!)spear342.png theaterr.png (Trapped on the balcony!)theaters241.pngtours34324.pngtrickorfeet.png (The penguin was fishing so he didn’t get any candy…)take1.png (Uh oh! Its Fever the crook!)sledracepic.png (Fever, the ultimate sled racer.) EDIT-No, He’s not that good a racer in real life.

again.jpgsosorrymiss.jpg (He was a tall cardboard box until he met him… and squished him)owchies.jpgdonttipit.jpgwasntme.jpgfirecrash1.jpgfirecrash2.jpgfirecrash3.jpg


chained.jpg (They were nubbing at the top of the Dojo.)113.png112.pngpizabufet.PNG

riggedelecgion24.PNG (They say the election was rigged but it was never proven)popthatcornplz.PNG

biggmac.PNG (Welcome to Watex’s famous Burger Shack!)testyostr.PNGhay234.PNGgonnafall.pnggreenfrompool.pngpartoneskele.pngavygocsa.png

thepinkpool.png When she got into the Pool she was Pink (By Pink Trigaa)feverthestarstealer.png (Uh oh! Its Fever the Star Stealer!)thegiantstar.pngpufflesanta.png (The Green Puffle decided to take a hat too!)

catalpult.png (The Catapult tree!) Thanks to Benosaurus13 for the idea2santa.png (Huh!? Three Santas? Which one’s real?)

reindeer1.png (There is a reindeer on the tracks! Stop the train!) Thanks to Jamesisdabst for the idea.

thehugehat.png (Fever’s attempt to try and get the enormous Santa Hat)inthebiddle.png (Fever is found stuck in the middle between the Giant Fighting Snowmen!)cocaomania.png (Its Fever the rip-off artist!)santafever.png (Yay! Santa Fever is here!!) (By Aguair)

star2.PNG Staring Contest (By Eurika Girl)

prison-words.PNG (By Eurika Girl)

trouble.jpg I told you that sign would get in the way. (By Forest Kid)

dasd.PNG (By Doo Fling)

pokeitseyes.PNG (By Dark Umbreon)secretpassage.png (By Penguout786)rip-fishy-fix3d.png (By Rosalyn)image001.jpg (By Squishy 37)

penguinroundup2.png (By Blackcatxlll)

penguinroundup.png (By Blackcatxlll)

flammingowatex.png (By Kc96, Its an EDIT)

pi1.jpg (By Boots 11)

image3.jpg (By Boots 11)

image7.jpg (By Boots 11)pi4.jpg (By Boots 11)

piano3243.png How to play the Piano (Mr. Tetris)

thesnowbare.png Hiding from the evil Polar Bear (By Zabuza61442)

snowball34.png (By Zabuza61442)

cofeeshop3.png (By Orangey Peck)pjalad.png (By PJ Lad)

feverfan12.png (By Pink Trigaa)(By Winterfan)(By DjLee777)     The CP Policefindyelowfour.png (By Mr.Tetris)

orange34peck.png The Orange Puffle! (By Orangey Peck)(By  Darktemplar4) X-Mas Tree Hunting

wetnewspaper2.png (By PJ Lad)superhair2.png That was a very powerful hairdryer! (By PJ Lad)

illsaveu2.png (By Invisable125)itaskedtobemybudy.png (By Pinkzi12)theevilfishy.png The Great Mullet who eats gold fish for snacks… (By Boots 11)filluprdasea.png Filling up the sea (By Iceigloo3)mk500.png (By MK500)flamingos-revenge.png This is an edit (By XStonesoupX)clam3.png (By RynoZodiac)