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Hello world! December 26, 2007

Posted by CammieO in Uncategorized.

Hello Everybody! This is my first post and i’m a little nervous so don’t comment if all I do is spell something wrong. I’ll post as much as I can! As soon as I get one million hits I’ll throw a party on Club Penguin. If you haven’t seen it yet click on this link: www.clubpenguin.com. There is not much on my site but that will soon change! That’s all for now. Bye!



1. watex - December 26, 2007

kewl site

btw can u add me to your blogroll?

go to ur dashboard, click blogroll, then click add link

add http://watex.wordpress.com
and a description if u want


2. ryanlarkin - January 23, 2008

hey cameron its me ryan at chamberlain i wanted to say hi!!!!

3. cammieo - January 25, 2008

r. its camerons friend ryan she wanted me to say hi to evereyone on this website so hi!!!!!

4. ben - March 8, 2008

i hate this web site worst ive ever seen

Cammieo: Hey! I’ve been moving and I’ve been really busy. So, ben I can’t update as much because I’m busy. I’ll update more often now. Thanks for the comment, Cammieo.

5. ben - March 13, 2008

still no good

6. cammieo - March 14, 2008

Ben don’t comment anymore please!!!!!!!!!!

7. santiago - March 15, 2008

cool site

8. santiago - March 15, 2008

better than watex wordpress

Cammieo: Thanks!

9. cammieo - March 21, 2008

i would never delete a coment

10. cammieo - March 21, 2008

so fat albert and santiago stop commenting

11. cammieo - March 21, 2008

im having a party right now go to darkie1187 igloo on klondike

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